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At Lasting Impressions, our personalization tool is designed to give our customers the most flexibility in personalizing their products. Please click a link below for help on a specific area of our tool.

Begin Personalizing Your Product

Personalizing your product starts on the product page just below the product images under a section titled "Personalizatoin".
Personalization Help
A thumbnail image will appear of a blank product.  Click the thumbnail to open the preview tool.  Some products have options such as color or orientation.  In this case, there will only be a drop down menu for you to choose your option BEFORE the thumbnail will appear.
1.Personalization Help
2.Personalization Help
Some products have MULTIPLE areas that can be personalized.  Each area must be personalized one at a time.  Click on an area you want to personalize to open the preview tool.  When done with that area, click SAVE to return to the product page.  If you wish to personalize another area, click that other area to open the tool again for that area.

The Tool Bar

Personalization Help

Our preview tool works by adding objects, or "layers", to the product.  Objects include images, text and color/gradients.  The tools, or "objects", availabe to you will vary by product.  We explain each tool's use below:

Create Background

Some products require a background. This means the product's area must be personalized with "something". These products are called "Full Bleed" products because your image, or "something" covers the entire surface from edge to edge. If you are presented with a CREATE BACKGROUND icon when the preview tool opens, this product requires a background. You must create the background before moving on to other tools. There are 3 (and in some cases 4) options available for you to create the background. You can upload an image, use a solid color background, or a gradient (a gradient is a fade from one color to another color). On some products, we also offer a "Duplicate Product Ad" option which will create the background for you to mimic one of our product display images. There is also a toggle under the ADD IMAGE icon to duplicate a product image when there is no background required for the product.

Personalization Help

Add Image

Personalization Help

The ADD IMAGE section is quite simple.  Click on the "Upload Image" icon.  Click BROWSE to browse your computer or device for an image to upload.  Once selected, click the ADD IMAGE button to upload your image to the preview tool.  For products that offer a "Duplicate Product Ad", you may change the blank preview image to a product ad image by selecting this checkbox (this works the same way as the CREATE BACKGROUND section works.

Add Text

Personalization Help

Enter your text in the provided text box.  Hit the ENTER key to scroll to a new line.  When you are satisfied with your text (check your spelling!!) select a font from the dropdown, select a color for the text, apply an effect such as drop shadow or outline to the text, select the justification for the text (left justity, center justify, right justify) then click the ADD TEXT button to add your text to the preview.  Some products, such as engraved products, will not have color or effects options since thiese products are engraved, not color imprinted.  You can always edit your text, color, font etc... by selecting the text box on the preview, changing the options in the tool bar and clicking the UPDATE TEXT button.

Add Color or Gradient

Personalization Help

Sometimes your image doesn't quite fit the shape of an area and the product requires a background to FILL the area.  In this case, try using a color or gradient to fill the area, then click the UPLOAD IMAGE tool to upload your image on top of the color or gradient.  Color and Gradient is also great for coloring the background of text.  Feel free to play with this tool and discover its benefits to make your project unique! Select a color from the color picker for solid colors, or select TWO colors from the gradient color pickers for the fade from one color to another (such as from red to black).

Download Your Preview

Personalization Help

Click the DOWNLOAD PREVIEW button if you wish to download your preview image.

Tools Attached To Objects

Personalization Help

Each object, or "Layer", when added to the preview window, has certain tools attached.  These tools help to size, crop or rotate the object.  In the upper right corner, there is a green "X".  This is to delete the object from the project.  In the lower right corner is a square.  This is for sizing, or cropping, your image.  Click the square and hold while dragging in or out.  While SOME objects allow you to distort the aspect ratio (keeping the object's width proportionate to its height), MOST products will only allow you to drag diagonally to maintain the objects aspect ratio.  The bottom center of the object has a green plus and minus sign.  These are used to change the "Opacity" of the object.  Each time you click the minus sign, the object will fade slightly, each time you click the plus sign, the oject will become more visible until it has reached full opacity.  On the left side of the object are green up and down arrows.  These work the same way the arrows in the LAYERS area work.  Each click up brings the object further to the top layer until it is the top-most layer.  Each click of the down arrow does the reverse. The top center of the object is for rotating the object. Click and drag left or right to rotate. Double click to reset.

The Layers Area

Personalization Help

The layers area is for managing the various objects, or LAYERS, on the preview image.  As you add objects, you can end up with objects on top of each other and it is difficult to click on an object that is hiding behind another.  Instead of moving the object out of the way, potentially ruining your art work, you can click on the object in the LAYERS area to bring focus to that object.  Simply click on the layer name.  You can also use the layers area to delete a layer (click the X to the right of the layer name) and also to change the order of layers bringing one object closer to the top or moving an object further under other objects.  This works in the same way as the up and down arrows on the "tools attached to objects".  You do this by clicking the small black up or down arrows on the right between the layer name and the X.  Layer names are generated by the tool and typically use the first couple words of text for text layers and part of the image name for image layers.  The Background layer (from CREATE BACKGROUND icon) is labeled Background.  If you are unsure which layer is for which object, simply click on a layer in the layers area and see which object is focused on in the preview. To help, layers have an icon at the left of the name.  Each icon represents the type of layer it is such as "Aa" for text layers, a camera for image layers, a brush for color/gradient layers and a gear for the background layer.

We hope our preview tool will allow you the freedom to create your masterpiece the way you want!  If you ever have questions, or need advice, we are always willing to help!  Call us or use the contact us form for assistance.  Happy creating!!!

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