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Prevew Tool

Product Specific Options

This tool is a software generated feature to allow you to see, ROUGHLY, what your product will look like. Software cannot take the place of a real person creating your layout. As such, your final product may differ slightly from the preview shown here.

Our preview tool is designed to help you personalize your product with a maximum amount of flexibility. The tool uses "Zones" to allow you to put images and/or text in the various areas that can be personalized on the product.
Since a zone may contain an image OR text, we often have multiple areas in the same zone. If you want to have an image in that area, click next to move to an area that allows an image in that zone. Likewise, if you prefer text in that area, click next to move to an area that allows text in that zone.

Image Upload Help
When you upload an image, your image will appear within the area as in the example below:

Image Example

The yellow dotted line in the above image represents the zone boundary, while the red dotted line is the outline of your image.

Some products have a set size the image must be, therefore, you will not be allowed to size your image smaller than the area's height or width. This is used on products where your image covers the entire product.

Use the corner arrows to crop your image by dragging outward to increase the size, or inward to decrease the size (the cursor should be TWO arrows pointing diagnally). To MOVE an image around in the zone, put your cursor on the image until you see the FOUR-arrow cursor, click and drag your image around in the zone.

Background Color or Gradient: Most IMAGE zones on color imprinted products allow you to EITHER upload an image, OR, choose a background color for that zone. You may also select a gradient to make the background color two-toned (a FADE from one color to the other color).

Some product, such as engraved products, require images to be either PURE black on white, or grayscale (in cases of wood). In these cases, your image will be converted to the appropriate image type when you upload it. Not all images will look good after this process. If you are not happy with how your image turns out, please try using another image.

Text Help
Type your text in the text box. After a brief pause, your text will appear on the product preview. Select your font (for products where font selection is an option) and your text will change to that font. For color imprinted items, you may also select a color for the font. You can use a gradient to make your text two-toned, and you may add "effects" such as a drop shadow, outer glow or stroke.

While the tool will automatically scroll your text when your per-line character count is reached, you can also hit enter to force a new line when you require such formatting.

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